How to spot a bad draft

By BOB OWEN, Associated PressAUSTIN (AP) With the draft just days away, the Dallas Cowboys are struggling to find a way to get their players on the field.

And it’s costing them big.

The NFL draft is a time for celebration, of sorts, with players coming off of impressive performances and coaches giving the fans the best of what they have to offer.

But that’s just the beginning.

The draft is also a time of reflection.

There are plenty of players on this year’s draft board who could end up being the best players of their generation, but they’re still working to make a team a contender.

The Cowboys have to find ways to maximize what they’ve got at the moment.

Here are the key storylines:1.

The NFL draft begins with a flurry of excitement and anticipation.

With the NFL draft set to begin on Friday, there’s a lot of speculation surrounding who could be the next great player to emerge from the Dallas-based organization.

The most recent mock draft by gives Dallas a nine-spot in the first round, with the Cowboys finishing with a first-rounder and a second-rounder.

If the Cowboys go with a wide receiver or offensive lineman, the Cowboys could land one of those players.

It’s a bit of a wild card in the draft.2.

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t exactly a team that’s always ready for the pressure of a top-flight draft.

Dallas hasn’t finished in the top 10 of the league in points scored in four straight seasons.

It hasn’t been in the Top 10 in points per game in six consecutive seasons.

In fact, it’s finished dead last in points-per-game in each of those five seasons.3.

There’s plenty of hype surrounding the Cowboys and their draft prospects. ranks the Dallas area as the No. 2 market in the country, according to the data company.

Dallas has been in and out of the top five of the rankings in the last three seasons.4.

The first round is the most exciting part of the draft for the Cowboys.

This is where players get drafted and are expected to perform.

It also brings a lot to the table.5.

The team has a ton of work to do before it can get off to a great start in the NFL.

This year’s first-round picks are expected have a lot more production than last year’s.

That will be an adjustment for the team.

The Dallas Cowboys have a bunch of things going for them going into the draft and beyond.

Here’s how we break down the picks:1.)

The Cowboys are one of the biggest sellers in the league, and that makes sense.

The No. 1 overall pick was a top prospect at a position where the Cowboys were expected to be in the middle of a rebuild.

The biggest question heading into the first day of the NFL Draft is who will be the No, 2 overall pick.

Dallas already has its top two picks, No. 10 and No. 17.

The top two selections are a long way off, but Dallas is expected to have the best two overall picks.2.)

The NFL is not a good fit for rookies.

This team has been one of only two teams that has never drafted more than two players, and has yet to have more than three.

The league is a great fit for rookie free agents, but it’s a difficult fit for those with established contracts.

The free agent market has been dominated by the top-level players, but this year the top free agents are not the top rookies.3.)

Dallas has the talent to be one of several teams to have a top pick in the second round.

Dallas might not have a franchise quarterback, but the team has plenty of talent.

The only one who has yet of a franchise player at the position is Dez Bryant, who is coming off back-to-back NFL MVP awards.

He’s a big, athletic receiver with a high ceiling.

The other two players on Dallas’ top 10 list are defensive end Derek Barnett and cornerback Jalen Ramsey, both of whom have high ceilings.4.)

There’s no doubt that this team is in the mix for a number of top draft picks.

With that being said, the team needs to find its next big star and has a lot riding on that.

The defense has been solid, and the defense has had some good games.5.)

It’s not going to be easy for this team to get off the ground.

The organization has to find the right way to build a team.

If this is the year, the first step will be to find some chemistry and develop some younger players who will give the team a chance to be competitive.

The offseason has been very promising.

The players are playing well and Dallas should be a very attractive destination to teams in the early rounds.

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