How to deal with the Trump-induced jitters

The Times of Israel has been in a state of shock.

A new poll finds that a majority of Israelis want to see Donald Trump impeached.

And in a sense, Trump has been on the verge of becoming the next U.S. president.

The new poll, commissioned by the Jerusalem Post and conducted by the Tel Aviv University’s Center for Public Opinion Research, shows that a clear majority of the Israeli public wants to see Trump removed from office and that more than three quarters of Israelis oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The poll, conducted with 1,200 Israeli adults and conducted online from March 23 to March 27, finds that 65 percent of Israelis favor the establishment and control of Palestinian territory.

Forty-eight percent oppose it.

Forty percent oppose both.

But the poll found that even among Israelis who support the establishment, there is a deep divide over what should be done with the Palestinian territories.

Forty years after the 1967 Six-Day War, 70 percent of respondents support a two-state solution and only 19 percent support an independent state.

A whopping 87 percent oppose the two-states-for-two peoples model, according to the survey.

Only 15 percent of those who favor the two states-for, say, Palestinian refugees believe that the Palestinians should be granted a state with equal rights to Israel, and only 8 percent of the Israelis support such a state.

The survey found that among those who oppose such a proposal, 70% are against Palestinian refugees.

Among those who support it, 70%.

Of the Israeli adults who said that Israel is a democracy, more than half (55%) want the prime minister to be a woman.

Only 5 percent of Israeli respondents favor this idea.

And while 50 percent support this, only 37 percent oppose allowing women to serve in the government.

In contrast, in the United States, more Americans favor a woman serving in the cabinet than oppose such an idea.

Americans are more supportive of a woman in the White House (63 percent) than oppose a woman (31 percent).

But it’s the idea of a united Palestinian state that Israel, the most populous Muslim country in the Middle East, has been looking for the most.

Forty three percent of Jewish Israelis favor a Palestinian independent state, compared to 24 percent who oppose it and 25 percent who support such an entity.

And, unlike the United State, Israel’s Jewish voters overwhelmingly oppose the idea, while only 30 percent of Arab Israelis support it.

The poll found a strong divide between Israelis who identify as Zionist and those who do not.

While a majority (56 percent) of Israeli Jews support a Palestinian-Israeli state, only 31 percent of Jews who do NOT identify as Zionists favor such an arrangement.

As the poll shows, a majority in Israel also supports establishing an Israeli army to defend the Jewish state.

Fifty-eight per cent of Israeli voters support such operations, compared with 23 percent who opposed such operations and 19 percent who do support such operation.

And a majority support it in the West Bank (54 percent), Gaza (51 percent) and East Jerusalem (51 per cent).

As for Israel’s Arab citizens, a slim majority (53 percent) favor establishing an independent Palestinian state, but a majority also supports a Jewish state (47 percent).

And a plurality (45 percent) support the creation of a Jewish and democratic state in the territories.

The vast majority of Palestinians, by contrast, do not support such plans.

The Jerusalem Post also asked Israelis what they thought about Trump, who has been a staunch opponent of the establishment.

More than three-quarters of Israeli citizens surveyed (74 percent) said that they oppose Trump’s policies, while just 12 percent said they support them.

A majority (52 percent) oppose Trump and just one percent support him.

And 56 percent of Palestinians polled, while not supportive of Trump, said that he is wrong about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Of the 1,201 Israeli adults surveyed, a third (32 percent) supported Trump and another 21 percent supported him, according, to the poll.

The support for Trump was not particularly strong among Israelis of religious or ethnic background.

Only 16 percent of Orthodox Jews supported Trump, while 24 percent of Druze, 30 percent and 45 percent of Muslim respondents did not.

Only 14 percent of religious Jews supported the new U.N. Security Council resolution on the situation in the region.

A similar percentage (12 percent) did not support it either.

The survey also found that Israeli respondents were deeply divided over what to do about the Palestinians, with just over a third of respondents (34 percent) saying they support the Palestinian leadership in the upcoming Palestinian Authority elections, compared, for the first time, with 34 percent of all Israelis.

A plurality (41 percent) also supported the Palestinian Authority.

A majority of Jewish respondents (61 percent) thought that the Palestinian leaders should resign in protest, while 32 percent said that the same should happen in Israel. A

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