Feds demand $150m in court documents for fake divorce papers

Florida Attorney General Dan Bongino is demanding more than $150 million in fake divorce documents from the Florida Attorney General’s office, which was accused of issuing them without the court’s permission.

The fake divorce filings in Florida have been widely criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union, and Bonginos office has defended its actions.

Bonginas office was accused in 2016 of issuing the false documents in order to try to get a divorce in a contested divorce case.

The filing was part of a civil trial, which found that Bongis office was wrong to do so.

The documents were not intended for public viewing.

The Florida Attorney Generals office has been accused of failing to properly inform clients of court proceedings, the ACLU has said.

The ACLU said the documents could potentially violate a court order barring attorneys from making false or misleading statements to clients.

“The Florida Attorney Genals office should have promptly disclosed this breach to its clients, and the public at large, by posting a notice of its mistake on its website and providing a public explanation,” said ACLU attorney Jennifer Epstein.

“If the office can’t properly explain its breach of this court order, the public has a right to know.”

Bongins office was not immediately available for comment.

The attorney general’s office has faced criticism from across the political spectrum.

Last week, Bonginos office apologized to Florida voters who paid more than a thousand dollars in fines to get their divorce papers corrected.

The state attorney general also apologized for issuing fraudulent divorce papers in November, saying it was not the office’s responsibility to investigate the complaints.

The office has previously been criticized for issuing the fraudulent papers without court approval.

Bongs office had to spend nearly $15,000 to correct the false divorce papers.

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