Why this story has been overlooked

The story of the day in America is about the opioid crisis.

So, as you read, you’re going to see some of the most horrific stories from the last few days.

And I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Here are three of them: 1.

A woman whose son died after dying of an overdose of fentanyl. 

A young mother who took a chance on fentanyl because she wanted to help her son.

“I have been saving my son’s life for the past few months,” the mother told NBC.

“And then one day, he suddenly passed away.

But this is the first time in my life that a parent’s own son has died from an overdose. “

Her son’s death was ruled a drug overdose.

But this is the first time in my life that a parent’s own son has died from an overdose.


A man whose son was fatally shot by a police officer who mistook his marijuana for heroin. 

This story is about a man whose death was called a “justifiable homicide” by the police.

But a judge ruled that the officer, John D. Miller, had no legal justification to use deadly force against a man who was not armed and who was clearly intoxicated.

The case will likely go to trial in September.


An American father whose son’s car was stolen. 

In October, a Michigan man told police he was taking his son for a ride when the driver pulled into a field and shot him in the head.

But the man’s family says he was not carrying any drugs.

He died of his wounds in November.

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