The most beautiful pictures from this year’s Olympics

A photo that made its way onto the cover of this year ‘s most beautiful photos list might be a selfie of one of the world’s most famous female athletes, but it may also be an advertisement for cellulose-based rolling papers.

The photo was taken by a British athlete in the Olympics’ opening ceremony in London on Sunday.

The woman, who cannot be named for security reasons, was wearing a long black dress, a black blazer, and a white crop top with black lace and a yellow star on the front.

It’s unclear if the photo was a commercial or a private one, but a similar image of the same woman from last year’s Games was also posted online, showing her in a similarly long black gown and crop top.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the British Olympic Association said the image was a selfie taken by British Olympic athlete Charlotte Campbell during the opening ceremony, which featured “a great performance by the British gymnast Charlotte Campbell and the UK’s women’s gymnasts.”

Campbell’s photo was captioned with the caption “the British gymnasts” and “the UK’s great athletes.”

She is the first Briton to be named the “Great Female Athlete of the Year” at the Games, and is the second woman in history to win the honor.

In her tweet on Wednesday, Campbell also tweeted that the photo she was wearing was one of many taken by her during the Games and that she was “absolutely thrilled to have won the Great Female Athletes Award.”

She is not the first British athlete to win a medal for the British team in the Games.

Brits won gold in the individual vault and the freestyle in Sochi, Russia, while Canadian skier Shannon Rowbury became the first woman in the history of the Games to win gold in all four events.

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