Israel’s ‘surgical strikes’ in Syria will not deter Iran from building ‘weapons of mass destruction’

Israel will continue to conduct “surgical attacks” on Iranian targets in Syria to prevent Tehran from building “weapons of the mass destruction” on its soil, the country’s foreign ministry said on Sunday.

“We are determined to protect the state of Israel and the region and our soldiers and our civilians, and the military is always ready for the utmost measures, including the use of lethal force, if necessary,” said a statement by the ministry.

“Our objective is to deter the Iranian regime from using its regional military assets to achieve its goal of establishing an Islamic Republic,” it added.

It added that Israel had been conducting “surgically targeted strikes” against Iranian targets across the country, including in Syria, in response to recent missile launches.

“The Israeli air force is not a target for Iran.

We will not be deterred by military action or any other means, and we will respond with the full force of the law,” it said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been under pressure from US President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused Tehran of seeking to build nuclear weapons and has vowed to destroy it.

Mr Netanyahu has repeatedly said Israel’s main goal in Syria is to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Iran has denied the accusations, saying its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes.

Israel has been striking Iranian targets since March and has also carried out several raids in recent months.

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