When do you need to file a divorce?

The Federal Communications Commission is looking to expand its authority to allow the printing of divorce papers for the first time in decades.

The move, which comes after the FCC’s chairman, Ajit Pai, pushed for the expansion last year, is expected to be finalized by the end of the month.

The FCC is currently drafting new rules to require all divorces to be printed out and mailed, but that has never happened.

The Federal Communications Commissions rules will apply to all divorce papers filed in any state, and to all papers filed before May 2018.

The commission will also begin allowing people to file for divorce papers that were filed before the commission’s rules came into effect, but not in the same state.

Under the new rules, divorce papers will also be printed in ink on a sheet that is “commercially available” on the FCCs website.

The sheet can be printed on paper, but only if it is certified by the agency.

The company that printed the paper will not be able to be held liable for the paper.

The new rules also include a “mandatory” disclosure statement on the divorce papers, which states: “This document is intended only for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be used as a substitute for legal advice.”

The commission is also looking at allowing for a fee for a divorce, but it will not provide details on how it would work.

The paper could cost as little as $35,000.

As for who will be able file for a paper, the FCC is still trying to figure out what would be considered “sufficient notice.”

Currently, if a person is told the divorce is filed by a company and that it has no legal authority, the person cannot file for that divorce, according to the FCC.

In addition to requiring a printed divorce, the commission is proposing to allow people to submit papers in person if they are married or live in a state where filing papers is not possible.

The plan also would allow people who file jointly to submit a divorce on behalf of their spouse, but the person would still need to pay for it, according the FCC .

It also will allow people with pets to file as joint guardians for the pets.

The FCC has already approved new rules that would require all divorce filings to be sent to the state in which they were filed.

The agency is also proposing new rules requiring all divorce notices to include a financial disclosure statement for each individual party and the total cost of all parties’ property and medical expenses.

The changes will take effect in March 2019.

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