The British military’s divorce papers were a complete joke

This is the story of how a British military court system that is so incompetent that it has issued divorce papers for British servicemen and women for the past century was shut down.

The Daily Mail is reporting that military court papers filed by members of the armed forces have been issued for many years, but that the British Ministry of Defence decided to make them official in the last year or so.

The documents were a total joke.

“We are unable to give you any more details,” the military’s chief of staff, Lt.

Gen. Richard Kemp, told the Mail.

“The courts system is not functioning properly.

I am sorry, I cannot give you more details.”

This is a ridiculous statement given the fact that the military is one of the world’s largest military services.

The military is not a court, but a tribunal, and its procedures have been criticised in the past.

In fact, the UK has never had a military court for civilian cases, but the military has a legal system called the Military Courts Tribunal Service (MCSTS), which is run by the Ministry of Defense.

Military court papers are generally given to members of a military unit or a unit with a member in it who has been convicted of a crime, and served a prison sentence.

In addition to the military, the courts have jurisdiction over cases involving the armed services, the judiciary, and a variety of public service jobs.

The Military Courts Service has been closed since May 1, 2017, and the Ministry has not responded to requests for comment.

It is not known if the Ministry had a problem with the documents.

In 2014, the Ministry opened a separate service for military personnel that is similar to the MCSTS, but does not require members to be members of military units.

The Ministry of the Defence is also a party to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and a number of other international agreements.

According to the British Army’s website, the court system is a “secure and effective” process that provides “a legal forum for the formulation of military policy, and is designed to ensure that military members and staff are treated fairly and with respect.”

The Military Court Service is supposed to provide military personnel with “reasonable and appropriate” legal advice.

The service has been operating in England since the late 1970s.

According the UK’s Army, “The process of issuing military court documents is completely separate from the process of military service, including eligibility to serve in the Armed Forces.”

However, according to the Military Court Act of 1971, which is in force at the time, the process must be done in accordance with “an established procedure.”

It does not specify which process is established.

“In the absence of a procedure established in accordance, or any specific legal authority, the military court service is a legal process, which must comply with an established procedure, including procedures established by law.”

The court service also provides a process for dealing with appeals from a court decision.

However, “the process does not apply to those matters in which an appeal may be brought by an individual against the service of the military officer or the service by the individual, or the defence.”

The British Ministry also has a system for granting leave to serve on active duty, which it refers to as the “Army Reserve.”

In a written response to The Daily Post, the British army wrote, “This is a matter for the court service, which can only be dealt with through the procedures established in the Army Reserve.”

The Daily Express reports that a spokesperson for the Ministry said, “We can confirm that the Ministry is fully capable of dealing with the issue and will continue to do so.”

However it is unclear if the court papers have been approved by the court, and if they are still valid.

“There is nothing wrong with the service,” the spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

“However, as we know, there are thousands of military members who are serving in other countries.

We want them to be able to have their lives back.”

Military service is usually a voluntary, public service, and not a mandatory service.

The UK has a national service for people who have been convicted in a court of law of a criminal offense, or in the military of a court martial, or a person has committed a crime or been found guilty of misconduct in the armed service.

There is a separate public service system for people serving in the Royal Navy.

However the Royal British Legion is not an official court service and is a private organization, and has no formal authority over the military courts.

“It is up to the courts to decide what happens when they deal with the courts,” the Legion’s general secretary, Mark Boles, told The Independent.

“But the courts must be careful to make sure that they are not treating the courts as an adversarial forum.”

The Legion has been criticised for having a process that is “unnecessary, chaotic, and in need of improvement.”

It is also unclear whether the British court system will continue in the

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