Trump’s ‘crazy’ tweet: It’s not a threat, but it’s not very nice to be read

PRESIDENT TRUMP has claimed that a tweet posted by his former campaign manager that included an image of a burning house on the White House grounds was not a direct threat to his life.

The president made the comment on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

The tweet was a reference to the house fire that killed a man in Chicago in January.

A spokesperson for the White Houses office of public safety told reporters the president was “just joking”.

It is not clear if the tweet is related to the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in August.

The tweets came just hours after Mr Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, was forced to resign over an incident that left a protester in critical condition.

Mr Trump and Mr Kelly have had a rocky relationship in the past.

In a tweet, the president suggested that Mr Kelly was responsible for the death.

“Bad guy Kelly, who lost his job because of me, is now saying he did it himself in response to the bad guy.

What a disgrace!”

Mr Trump tweeted.

“He is the worst.

Bad guy Kelly.

I will not let him take my job!”

Mr Kelly said in a statement.

“I do not think he’s capable of making those decisions.

It’s just the nature of the office, I think.”

Mr Trump has repeatedly claimed he was the victim of a political conspiracy to remove him from office.

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