How to divorce papers in Ohio

A divorce filing may not be as straightforward as it sounds.

There are a few things you should know before you file a divorce.


You can’t make your own decisions: You need to have a divorce decree, which says you need to agree to divorce.

If you don’t have that, you’re going to have to wait for the judge to make a decision.


Your divorce is usually for less than $200,000: You can divorce for less.

But you can’t file a lower amount, which means the court will usually take into consideration all of the circumstances, including whether you were a poor student, married for more than 30 years, divorced at least once, or divorced because of child custody.


It’s a long process: Depending on where you live, you may need to wait up to five years after your divorce to get your divorce papers.

Read the divorce process guide to learn more.


It can take a long time: It can be an arduous process.

You’ll need to get an order from the judge, take depositions, make a financial assessment, and then wait for your divorce case to be heard by the court.


The judge may decide to dismiss your divorce: There’s a chance that the judge will dismiss your case.

That means you’ll have to go to court and ask for a new judge to hear your case again.

If the judge dismisses your divorce, you’ll need a new divorce decree.


It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose your home: If your divorce doesn’t work out, your lawyer may want to have it dismissed.

But it won’t necessarily end up that way.


You may have to pay court costs: You may also have to fork over money to cover court costs.

The amount depends on the type of divorce you have and the amount of money you paid.


Your lawyer may have questions: You’ll want to talk to your lawyer to make sure that your divorce decree is correct and that you’re financially secure.

You should also make sure you have all of your paperwork and financial statements ready so that you can prove you’re making the right choices.


Your husband will likely file a motion to have the divorce dismissed: The more times you divorce, the more likely it is that your husband will file a claim to have your divorce dismissed.

Read about filing a divorce claim.


You won’t be able to use your assets in your divorce lawsuit: If you file for divorce in Ohio, your assets will be limited to your home, car, and savings account.

But the court can also take away your assets from you.

The court can do this even if you have property in the state of Ohio.


You have to be sure you get all of this information in time: If all of these are true, you should file the divorce decree as soon as possible.

If they’re not, you won’t have to file it until after the case has been heard.

You also have time to prepare your financial records.


You will need to be in a stable relationship: If divorce is going to be temporary, it’s important that you have a stable, loving relationship with your spouse.

It may be helpful to get a restraining order against your spouse if you are in a volatile relationship.

Read our article to learn how to prepare for divorce.


Your attorney may want a divorce certified by a court: A certified copy of your divorce will be required for you to be able go back to the court and request the court to change the divorce.


The divorce will have to last at least three years: If the divorce is to last more than three years, you can apply for a modification to the divorce, which allows for a delay in the filing of the divorce case.


You need a certified copy: If a divorce is certified by the county clerk, it will be sent to you, and your name will be added to the certificate.

If a judge determines that your name was not added to a certified divorce certificate, the judge must give you a new certified copy.


You must have proof of your marriage: If there is no divorce decree or divorce decree has been issued, you will need a marriage certificate from the court that states the names of the parties and details about the marriage.


The marriage certificate can be used in court to prove your relationship: The marriage license will have your name and address, and the marriage certificate will also include information about the relationship.


The person you married must have signed a divorce declaration: The court will not issue a divorce unless you have signed your divorce declaration.

If there’s a valid marriage certificate, you need one.


You still need to prove you were financially secure: Your financial situation may be a key part of your case for the court hearing.

Read how to get financial support in a divorce case for more information.

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