How Panamanian companies are being targeted by hackers

The Panama Papers show the extent of tax evasion in Panama, with the Panamanians making up the largest proportion of the world’s tax evaders.

Panama has been hit hard by the leak, which revealed how some of the richest people in the world avoided paying taxes for decades.

The US has said that it is investigating the leak and that the US has “a strong interest” in the Panama Papers.

Here are some of its top findings.


The biggest culprits In terms of the tax evasion, Panama’s largest companies have been the Panamá National Bank and the Panama City Finance Corporation.

The bank was accused of deliberately inflating its profits, and it was also implicated in a fraud that was investigated by US authorities.

The Panama City Financial Corporation was also investigated, but the charges against it were dropped.

The two companies are accused of evading $11bn (£8.2bn) of taxes between 2005 and 2014.

They were also implicated by US prosecutors in a $2bn scheme to evade taxes in the US.

Panama’s economy has struggled with the fallout from the leaks, with a slump in tourism and a sharp fall in the value of the bolivar currency.

The leak also exposed how the US government has been using offshore tax havens to evade billions in taxes.


The banking crisis The Panama Times said the Panama banks had been “losing a large amount of capital” in recent years.

This included “a significant increase in their capital expenditure of $3bn over the past five years”.

It added that “Panama has become a financial wasteland”.

The Panama papers revealed that “some of the banks, especially the Panayas Bank, are not profitable”, with the “bank holding on to capital”.

The Panamamas banks also “are unable to lend to other financial institutions”, meaning the banks are unable to borrow money for other businesses.

The paper also said the bank “was in serious financial trouble”.


The oil and gas industry This revelation comes just months after the Panama papers exposed that the Panama-based Panamanic Petroleum Corp (Panaport) had been illegally using shell companies in order to avoid paying taxes.

The company was fined $4.2m (£2.8m) in 2013 and $1.5m (£1.3m) this year.

The documents also showed that “the Panaport company was engaged in several illegal activities to hide assets, avoid taxes, and conceal profits.”

In October 2014, Panaports former chairman, Juan Carlos Solis, resigned after a probe by Panama’s tax authority.

He had previously denied any wrongdoing and was accused by US investigators of taking advantage of a loophole in the tax laws.

The government said that Solis had “failed to comply with the law and had a corrupt mindset”.

The revelations have led to a “huge loss of confidence” in Panaparts financial sector, with several major companies, including Panapress, Panalaport, Panamagas Bank and Panamajeros, having suspended operations.


The drugs industry Panamaco is the second-largest producer of cannabis in the World, according to the United Nations.

The Panaman National Drug Cartel (PNCD) was established in 1986 and is the world most powerful drug cartel, with an estimated 500,000 members, including more than 50,000 in the Caribbean.

The PNCD, which is headquartered in Panama City, is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of cocaine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy and ecstasy pills, according the United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

It is also involved in the manufacture of synthetic drugs.


The construction industry Panama is a major source of foreign direct investment (FDI), with its ports, airports, and factories, providing much of the global supply for the construction industry.

The International Monetary Fund estimates that Panama accounts for 14% of global FDI, with some $11.7bn (£7bn) flowing into the country each year.

According to the Panama Institute for Development Studies (PID), the Panama canal is one of the largest transnational investments in history, accounting for 20% of all FDI.

The Canal has been in operation since 1978, with construction in the past decade being delayed due to political unrest.

The canal is expected to cost $30bn (£19bn) to build.


The health sector This is a large sector, accounting to around 9% of the GDP, which has been heavily affected by the Panama leaks.

Health, education and other public services have all been affected by leaks in recent weeks, with hospitals across the country being closed and many teachers and nurses having left the country.

The country’s health system is struggling to cope with the financial crisis that has hit the country in recent months, with public hospitals reporting an 8% decline in patients since mid-October.

The healthcare sector in Panama has also been hit by a major fall in public spending. In

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