How to get a dog licence in South Australia

SA Police can now offer dogs registration papers for free to people who need to register a new dog.

The move comes after a number of high-profile cases in the state, including one where a woman was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer.

Police will be able to give out dogs registration documents at the South Australian Police Academy on March 2.

SA Police will also offer a limited number of dogs to anyone who needs a registered dog for free at the academy on March 10.

Police are also encouraging people to get an animal licence online for free.

The SA Police Academy is open from March 2 to April 1 and is open to the public.

Dog registration will cost SA$50, but the fee will be waived if a dog is registered by the police.

Police say anyone who wants to register their dog will need to bring it to the academy for a check-up.

“The academy will be open to everyone who needs to register and will be manned by experienced and knowledgeable officers,” SA Police Superintendent Chris Williams said.

Police said anyone who does not know a dog should bring their dog to the training facility, where the dog will be registered, and that they can check their dog’s health and vaccinations, which include rabies and neutering.

If a person needs a dog for veterinary care, they can visit a veterinarian for a fee of up to SA$200.

Anyone who wants a dog can check on their dog at the SA Police academy on February 6 for a registration check-in.

SA Police said it is “not the time” to ban all dogs from public parks, playgrounds, beaches, pools and sports centres, as some people had complained.

A police spokesperson said people should be aware of the laws regarding the animals and animals in public spaces, including the “animal control act”.

Anyone with concerns can contact police on 1800-723-4222.

Read more about dogs: South Australian police will be taking over the responsibility of the SA Dog Registration Service, a division of the South Australia Police Department.

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