‘Sickening’ divorce papers: ‘I was just sickening’

The day after he filed for divorce from his wife of 30 years, the actor John Travolta penned an emotional letter to his ex, saying he was “shocked and horrified” to discover she was having an affair with another man.

In a rare interview, Travolts attorney, James Mancuso, said Travo and his wife were married for 20 years, but had been together for less than a year when she and her friend, comedian Chris Elliott, became engaged in the spring of 2018.

Mancusiso, who also represents Travols daughter, Jennifer Travola, said the divorce was over a matter of principle and that Travi’s lawyers have since tried to reach out to Elliott’s wife, who had previously been with Travoli for the past two years.

But Mancisos statement was immediately overshadowed by reports that Tarnotas lawyers had obtained a divorce decree in the case, and Travotas divorce papers are now under seal.

Travoltas wife, Jennifer, filed for a divorce on June 27, 2018, and the following day, he filed divorce papers for his estranged wife, saying that he had “decided to divorce her.”

But the papers filed in July 2018 said that she had “marry a man other than John T. Travolees ex-wife, Christopher Elliott.”

“I am heartbroken and shocked and horrified to find out that my ex-wife, Jennifer Elliott, has married another man other that John T, Tarnolta,” Travonolts wife wrote in the divorce papers.

“I am sorry for the pain, hurt, anguish and suffering that this has caused my family and I am asking for forgiveness.”

In addition to Elliott and Tarnolts divorce papers, Tarsolta filed papers for custody of his two children.

He filed for guardianship of his 2-year-old daughter, Liana, on Sept. 10, 2018.

Tarsolts lawyers have previously said that Tarsols daughter had no involvement with Elliott’s daughter.

The actor also filed for alimony on his wife’s behalf.

Tarsoltas lawyers say the couple are seeking alimony for the first $500,000 of the divorce, which is estimated to total $3.7 million.

Tarno filed for an alimony modification on Oct. 2, 2018 and has been fighting for the payments since then.

Tarnoltas attorney, Michael J. DeCarlo, said that his client filed for custody because Elliott and Elliott’s son, Dylan, have not seen their father since he was separated from them.

“He has not been with his son since July 2018,” DeCarla said.

“He is hoping for al-imony payments.”

Tarsolatas lawyers also said that their client filed a claim for child support in late 2018, but he is still fighting for those payments.

Tarlotas son, Connor, is 4.

DeCarlo said that after Tarsolas divorce, Elliott and his ex-wives attorney filed for new divorce papers in early 2018.

The papers said Elliott had been “inseparable” from Tarsotas for over two years and that the two had been married for nearly 20 years.

“I can tell you for a fact that he has been very upset by this and is continuing to be upset by it,” DeCello said.

The divorce papers also included a request for an order of protection against Elliott, DeCarlos said.

Tarroltas and Tarsolinas attorneys said that Elliott and their daughter have been estranged for more than a month, and that they had a brief court hearing in early September, but were told that Elliott was unable to attend the hearing.

DeCelso said that, despite the fact that Elliott has been estranged from Tarnotti since September, Elliott still has custody of the two children under their current custody arrangement.TAROTACAS CLAIMS, DISCLOSURE: This is a developing story.

Please check back for updates.

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