How the Maryland Court of Appeals Decided to Ignore the Marriage Cases


— It’s been nearly two decades since Maryland’s Supreme Court handed down its landmark marriage equality decision.

But a few months ago, Maryland was still reeling from the fallout from a court decision that made it legal for same-sex couples to wed.

“This is a state that has always stood for equality and the American dream, and the people of Maryland, they’ve been treated very unfairly,” said state Attorney General Brian Frosh in announcing the new marriage equality law last month.

“It is time to return to our values of fairness, equality, and justice,” Frosh said in a statement.

On Monday, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court issued an opinion in favor of gay marriage.

The court said that it “found the law of Maryland unconstitutional because it fails to protect the right to marry as defined by the Constitution.”

Maryland is one of only seven states where same-sport couples can legally wed.

In February, Gov.

Larry Hogan signed into law the marriage equality bill, which would take effect in April.

The law would allow couples to legally wed in the state, with no requirement that they have a previous same-law marriage.

But the court’s ruling has some gay couples worried.

They’re hoping that a ruling in their favor in the Maryland courts could mean that more people will marry outside of their own states.

“We’re hopeful that this will help change the laws in other states,” said Brad Garrett, an attorney with the Maryland-based Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for LGBT rights.

The Supreme Judicial court’s opinion, which is now available on the court website, was published a week after the state legislature approved an amendment to the state constitution that allows same-gender couples to marry.

The bill was then signed by Hogan.

The amendment to marriage equality also would require that couples obtain permission from the clerk of the court before marrying.

The Supreme Judicial opinion noted that “many of the same- gender couples seeking marriage licenses in Maryland have already taken the first step in that process.”

It noted that the court had found the marriage amendment “constitutes a constitutional violation.”

The Maryland Supreme Court’s decision comes as the nation’s Supreme Courts are expected to take up same- sex marriage issues in June.

A decision in a case that’s currently before the courts could also be a blow to gay marriage advocates.

The justices could rule that states that do not recognize gay marriage are not bound by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

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