How to keep your ‘golf club’ afloat in the tough financial climate

More than 50% of all clubs in Serie A are struggling financially, according to the league’s statistics department.

In a year that has seen the club market shrink from €2.5 billion in the spring of 2015 to €8 billion in 2020, the situation is even worse.

“We are facing a serious crisis in our clubs.

We are in the middle of a financial crisis,” said Milan director of sport Andrea Rizzo.”

The fact that we are facing this in the first place is a sign of how difficult it is.

We are a club that is based on a strong tradition, and we are not going to stop playing and playing, even though it is a difficult time,” Rizzos said.

He admitted that the financial crisis has not affected the club’s relationship with its fans.

“Our fans know exactly what we are doing, and they are the ones who are paying for it,” he said.

“There is an important thing to recognise when the financial situation is this serious: we have to be careful to keep our business going.”

Milan have a financial problem.

They’ve lost €300 million in the last three years and are not able to pay its debts, according Rizzó.

The club also cannot pay the €3.8 million it owes to the court for a legal case that was settled earlier this year.

“It is impossible for us to keep going as we are losing so much money.

We can’t pay the debt that we owe.

It is not a normal situation,” he added.

Rizzó said that the owners of the club have put in place an unprecedented amount of financial support to cover their losses.

“I think this will be the final blow to the club.

The owners are going to lose their financial independence,” he continued.”

They have put a lot of money into this club and have built a fantastic foundation, and now they are facing the reality that it will be impossible to sustain this.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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