‘I am a gay man’: How a New Jersey father’s struggle to be accepted has shaped his son’s identity

Posted October 16, 2018 07:29:11 A gay New Jersey man who has spent years searching for his son who was born with cerebral palsy, says he is “embarrassed” for his family, his community and the country for his role in the transition from a heterosexual man to a gay father.

“I am embarrassed for my family, for my community, for the country,” said the father of two who identifies as transgender.

The father’s son, who has cerebral palsys, was born in a surrogate mother in 2015. “

And it’s not going to end well.”

The father’s son, who has cerebral palsys, was born in a surrogate mother in 2015.

He is the only child in a family of six.

He’s also the only person in the state to have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, is one of many transgender individuals who have experienced discrimination, bullying and violence.

In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of violence and harassment against transgender people in the United States.

“We’ve never had a conversation like this where we have a transgender person on TV,” said Michael Bekke, a transgender lawyer who helped launch a statewide coalition to advocate for transgender rights.

Bekkel said his organization is working to educate parents about the dangers of living a lie and how to handle any negative reactions to their children.

“It’s not something that they can just shrug off,” he said.

The mother, who requested anonymity because she has chosen to remain silent for fear of retaliation from her family, said her son was a “big deal” in the neighborhood when he was young. “

A transgender mother and her transgender son have shared their experience with The Associated Press in an exclusive story that will air Sunday.

The mother, who requested anonymity because she has chosen to remain silent for fear of retaliation from her family, said her son was a “big deal” in the neighborhood when he was young.

He was so popular, she said, that when he went to the doctor, they couldn’t find any problems with his heart or lungs.

He started to get bullied at school, she told the AP.

When she started to go to the doctors, she says she was told, “You’re going to have to wait until you turn 18 to get your surgery.”

The mother and son were married for eight years and the son, now 20, was her only son.

They tried to talk to the police, she added. “

That was my life,” the mother said.

They tried to talk to the police, she added.

“But we couldn’t get the police to believe us.”

When they were younger, they told the mother she was gay.

She said she was embarrassed by the thought of her son being gay.

The woman said she and her son went to therapy several times and eventually got him to stop being homophobic.

She did so because she believed that transgender people who identify as male would be better off than transgender people whose gender identity doesn’t match their biological sex.

They were “very fortunate” in having the support and understanding from the medical community, she explained.

But the man is now in a “really rough place” because he’s “been told that he’s going to be transphobic, and that is not true,” she said.

He told the Associated Press he believes his transgender identity is an identity and that he is transgender.

He has tried to tell his parents he is gay, but they have rejected him.

“All I wanted to do was be happy,” he told the outlet.

“So I just shut down.”

The New Jersey Department of Health has issued guidance on transgender issues and has been pushing for transgender parents to be able to adopt children.

However, the department has also said that it’s “committed to ensuring that all individuals who are eligible for adoption are supported in their transition.”

The agency has also begun a task force to address discrimination against transgender parents.

The state Department of Education said the department will continue to work with local schools, families and other stakeholders to improve policies and procedures to help ensure the well-being of transgender students.

The Associated National Standards Institute, which studies LGBT issues, issued guidelines in February 2016 that include “safe, respectful, and supportive learning environments for transgender students.”

They also say transgender students should have access to the same resources and opportunities as their cisgender peers.

The American Psychological Association has said that transgender students can be treated as a protected class, even if they’re not able to fully participate in the school setting.

They have been required to live in a restroom consistent with their gender identity.

The AP sought comment from the New Jersey attorney general’s office on the matter.

The New York attorney general and state’s Attorney General have also said they plan to pursue discrimination cases against trans individuals.

The U.S. Supreme Court has

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