Divorce Papers: RTE reveals how to get them rolled in a couple of weeks time

Today, RTE published a couple hundred divorce papers from the state of Kerala, all of which can be printed out and handed to the divorcee or to the judge, without any delay.

The papers are rolled out in two to three weeks time and can be handed in to a divorcee for filing.

The process of getting divorce papers can be done in the same manner as with any other divorce papers. 

There are many different ways of getting these papers, but the simplest way to get divorce papers in Kerala is to call up a registered solicitor, who will then give you the address of the registered solicitor and a copy of the court’s order.

A court order has to be given by a registered officer before the divorce proceedings can begin. 

The divorce documents have to be signed by both parties.

If both parties are not in court, a divorce court can also be called. 

What is the legal procedure in Kerala?

There are two main stages in the divorce process in Kerala. 

At the first stage, a judge will determine whether the parties are in a contractual relationship.

If they are, the divorce will proceed in the manner of a legal marriage. 

If they are not, the judge will have to make a decision based on the law of the state and a separate document can be filed. 

However, the court is not bound to act upon any documents which are not provided by the parties in writing. 

For example, if the parties do not agree that the divorce should be taken into the court as a marriage, they can have the court decide that the parties can go on their own and decide to settle the issue themselves. 

How much can the divorce papers cost?

The divorce papers are usually issued by the court, but can be bought at a low cost by the divorcees themselves, for example by going to a local store or by going on online sales. 

Can I get divorce by filing a civil court petition?

The Kerala High Court has ruled that if the divorced person wants to go to the civil court, he/she must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

However, the same court has also ruled that the divorced persons can go to a civil judge if the person does not want to go and make a civil application to the court.

The civil court will take the issue of the divorce to the Kerala High Courts for adjudication. 

Why is the process so slow in Kerala if there are so many legal options?

In Kerala, the process can take between one and two weeks.

The divorce process can also take more than three weeks.

The court does not issue any order in advance to the divorced parties, unless they have written agreements with their respective parties.

This means that the process does not happen until the court issues a divorce order. 

Does the process of obtaining divorce papers affect the marital status of the divorced couple?


It is important to note that the Kerala divorce process is different from other divorce cases in the country.

The Kerala divorce procedure is not just a way to decide whether or not the divorced couples can get divorced.

It also affects their relationship with the divorced spouse. 

Where can I get more information on the divorce processes in Kerala and divorce cases?

In India, there are a number of legal websites that provide more information about the divorce cases. 

 Indian Supreme Court and Indian Civil Appellate Tribunal (ICACAT) websites have more information.

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