Why I believe Trump is going to win in 2020

This week, a post popped up on Reddit that I had not seen before.

It was a simple, straightforward, simple question: “Who is the most likely candidate to win the 2020 presidential election?”—and it was by far the most popular of the many questions, with a whopping 3,700 responses.

It asked whether “there is a candidate with a more favorable view of the presidency, with better favorability ratings than Donald Trump.”

If there was, it asked, what was it that made him the most “likely” to win?

Here was the response: Donald Trump.

 There is no question that Donald Trump has done a tremendous amount for the American people over the last 15 years, from helping to build the US economy to the presidency.

He’s been a champion of working families and has made America great.

I can’t think of a better president to lead the country than Donald J. Trump. 

But the answer is Donald Trump, according to this very simple, but highly relevant, survey.

The answer to the question “Who has the most favorable view?,” the survey asked, was a combination of the candidates’ personal attributes, including their wealth, age, and gender.

A look at the data shows that a majority of respondents picked Trump, the man who is the owner of the largest hotel empire in the United States, who has made a career out of pushing the boundaries of personal wealth and power, to be the most reliable candidate for the presidency in 2020.

It also indicates that a large majority of those who did choose Trump thought he would win the election, but they had a very different view of his chances of winning.

It seems to me that there is a significant disconnect between the view of Trump voters and their view of their own chances of seeing him succeed.

The majority of the respondents who chose Trump said that if he was the president, they would have to work very hard to get elected, which is why they were so angry.

I’m not sure why they feel that way.

They also seemed to believe that if they were able to vote for a candidate that they thought would be more of a “good guy,” they would actually have a better chance of seeing Trump succeed.

That seems to be a very common sentiment among Trump voters, who seem to believe their own campaign strategy to see Trump as an underdog was working. 

A majority of Trump supporters also said that a Trump presidency would not be a good thing for them personally.

A large majority also said they were “very concerned” that Trump would be “too conservative” on foreign policy and that he would not support more restrictions on immigration, such as the ones put in place under President Obama.

I suspect many Trump voters have seen their own family and friends die under President Trump’s watch.

But I doubt many Trump supporters would feel much sympathy for the families of Americans killed by undocumented immigrants.

Trump voters also appear to have a different view on whether Donald Trump is a good leader.

According to the survey, a large number of Trump’s supporters said they think Trump has “a poor or mediocre” understanding of foreign policy. 

This isn’t surprising, because it is one of the most common and damaging misconceptions among Trump supporters.

When you hear that people are “sick and tired of hearing about [Trump’s] bad foreign policy” and that “the United States should be out fighting ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan,” it is very easy to assume that Trump is not the best person to lead a country.

But this is not true.

Trump supporters have been repeatedly told by many Americans that they should “trust the people who elected him,” and that Trump’s policies have not been good for the country.

This is a very bad, very dangerous misunderstanding of how American politics work.

The vast majority of Americans have had to fight for the right to vote in their own states and the right of people to register to vote.

And it is this very same American public that is fed up with politicians who promise to “take back America,” but do not actually take it back.

I’m sure many Trump fans feel a lot of anger toward Trump and want to see him fail.

But they should be looking at the bigger picture and not focusing on the people in their lives who are angry at them, and the people whose livelihoods they want to destroy.

Trump voters have a lot to be angry about.

Trump has been an enabler of an incredibly violent and hateful movement that is destroying the lives of millions of Americans, and has even made it easier for ISIS and other terrorist groups to infiltrate the United State.

Trump’s campaign has stoked fears of terrorism and racial division, and his presidency has been one of many instances in which the US has failed to lead in combating those threats.

And he has consistently ignored the pleas of Americans who have lost loved ones to violence in the past

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